Hello Everybody


I’m not great at this so bear with 🙂 keep coming back!

I am walking from Land’s End to Skara Brae for the sake of All Life, Humanity and Freedom.

This site is a record of my journey and I hope the seed we need for change.

A solution to many of today’s social, economical and psychological issues is, I believe:

Geographical Community and Minimally Aggressive Autonomy

I’m dragging all my stuff behind me in my barrow and making a map of all the humanity I come across along the way to show everyone that there’s no need for hate or labels and that when we start at the bottom caring for one another so much sadness will simply fade away. From education (and the more common schooling), through health and social care, to the law and policing. Geographical community reduces the need for outside intervention to a minimum and allows and indeed requires all voices to be heard.

Please if you have read my words get in touch with a single reply or a pledge of action. Without your engagement I can achieve nothing.

Tell Everyone!

Email me at lunathecrochetingveganarchist@gmail.com

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