Chapter One

The first several chapters of the following books will give you the background to my thoughts and the creativity and ideas from which I have stolen. Thank you kindly to every author here and the many I’ve missed so far.

I have not listened to or read all of all of these books and there may be some I haven’t studied at all so far. Others I’ve heard end to end more than once 🙂 Most I have a good idea of. Once I’ve understood the bigger picture for a specialist story, I tend to bounce in and out depending on my mood. I hope to show you the bigger picture in my head. I’m not endorsing anything that’s in any of them, I don’t always agree but I always learn by listening or reading. Some authors I have more than one of their books but haven’t listed them all here.

I love stories and I’m just learning to tell them myself – I’ll have to be having lots of conversations about this stuff (hopefully and for surely while I am on my campaign walk around St Ives) and it’d be really helpful if you found a bit that interests you and ask me all about that please.

They’re in some kind of order. I’d loved to have put them in chronological order but I’m not that organized.