If you see me…..

I’m taking a few days off from walking to steward at Where the Light Gets In, a festival in Hay on Wye. When I return to Cornwall to continue my journey I will be just north of Portreath and on the way to Newquay.

If you see me I’ll be in blue and usually pulling a barrow. If you’ve read this you’ll probably recognize me if you see me. Or remember me if you already have 🙂

If you’re driving please treat me as a cart horse and pass wide and slow. I am as scared as they are and will still do significant damage to your paint work if something occurs. Drivers are driving with no room for error. Slow down. Enjoy. Don’t let them steal your time.

I don’t really like my photo taken but do post with filters and I’m not much of a hugger but I try 😀 I also have a rather grumpy resting face so don’t be put off! When I smile the picture improves no end!

I don’t do social media but feel free to say nice things about me on there if you like and if you’re doing something that fits the ethos of what you’ve read so far please get in touch and join in.

Please stop me and sit down for a cup of tea and a chat. That’s why I’m doing the walk. If you have five minutes for some gentle yoga inspired by my angel Adriene, I have been doing a minimum of five minutes every day for over nine months and it has helped me regain strength and health beyond belief. We can do it on a chair ✌️🙏

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