Core Principles and Values

These are the fundamental beliefs and ideals that guide my vision for society.

I believe that all humans are of equal value and that by working together and sharing resources we can create the most fair and reasonable future for everyone. My ideas are simple but changing the story we tell ourselves may be hard.

I believe that if we base our societal structure and ethical values on the following premises:

That every sentient1 being has the right to and responsibility for minimally aggressive autonomy2

And that

  1. communities are best defined by geographical area and that within each area we should work together to feed, clothe and house the community without recourse to external authority. By fostering local connections and relying on local resources, geographically defined communities (GDCs)3 would promote resilience, sustainability, and a sense of belonging among residents. A sense of identity we are losing as we label ourselves to ever more specific degrees. They would also encourage cooperation, mutual support, and shared responsibility for community well-being.
  2. land is a resource for the community who depend upon it and that only time owns the land.
  3. our GDC includes non-human animals and plants and we must share space with them in order for us all to thrive, we must share space with each other, roads are for travellers, not just for vehicles.
  4. providing for the needs of the population should be a non-profit enterprise in which everyone is involved. After everyone’s needs have been satisfied the rest is up to the individual (within the bounds of minimally aggressive autonomy).
  5. what is consensual should be legal and what is non-consensual should be unacceptable, our laws being derived thereof
  6. free speech is an absolute necessity, dealing with unpleasantness requires more discussion and understanding each other’s fears not censure.
  7. free movement combined with the above will lead to natural population stability
  8. trade for necessities should be made on a one equals one basis independent of where a person resides – if we value humans around the world the way we value ourselves we would likely all start to treat our local environments and therefore the planet better.

I believe that by following the above we would create a set of circumstances within which we enable everyone to be their best selves, leading to less unhappiness, conflict and unneccessary suffering. We are part of a human organism which covers the planet and actions in one location by one group affect all the others, we need to take responsibility for our own less than ideal behaviours and work together rather than levelling blame and using cognitive dissonance4 to pretend we’re blamess or unable to create change. We must stop taking the easy route of victimhood and dig deep for our strength in numbers.

I believe that the vast majority of humans simply wish to live a meaningful life, in peace and harmony only wishing to survive and thrive and that it is exposure to external pressures which tends to lead to unpleasant behaviour. We’re all capable of being nice and we’re all capable of being mean and we’re all capable of changing our behaviour under the right circumstances. We’re also all animals and as such we can be manipulated through fear and chemicals. I also believe we are advanced enough to overcome these responses through consideration and compassion. The only thing we can truly own is our time but that is being stolen from us and turned into money to satisfy others’ greed. It’s time to take control of our own time and our own lives.

I believe that the current global structure financially benefits a tiny proportion of the population and that when you follow the money it is stunning the extent to which our lives are dictated by their desire for more. I believe that when you view the situation globally you see that for the majority of the world’s population, those of us in the UK are them. They own the media, the media incites hate and our labels only divide. We are all human beings, there is no need for further definition, we are all driven by the same basic animal desires, we just have the processing power to make life much more complicated than necessary. We are all part of the human organism and if we step back from our immediate desires we can work together to acheive a higher consciousness.

I believe that roles which are necessary for a population to survive and thrive are equally valuable whether they require significant levels of academic acheivement or not. It is only our current focus on academic acheivement as being the pinnacle of human greatness that dispropotionately rewards certain vocations. For communitry roles required for a society to survive and thrive we should have our effort counted on a one equals one equals one basis. I don’t believe that in a two adult family both parties should have to work 40 or more hours a week just to have a home and beans on toast!

I believe access to identity, creativity and expression is what makes us human. I believe the purpose of education should be to enable a child to grow into an adult who has the skills and knowledge required to survive and thrive in the world and that this starts from knowledge of the food we eat and how to grow it and how to build and maintain the shelters in which we live (including our clothes). Education should be free to all, at any age and considered a community role up until age 25. Examinations are only necessary where a role would include activities which could propose a danger of harm if not fulfilled to a certain standard.

I belive that because we are animals and we are ruled by drives which benefitted us in the past, we are now exposed to being manipulated by groups of individuals, companies and institutions which do not have our best interests at heart. These include the media (advertising works!), the government (spending our tax money on propoganda), the data brokers (who sell all the personal information we upload to the internet) and the unknowable shareholders of Blackrock and Vanguard through which investment organisations they own the vast majority of all the corporations from which we purchase goods and whose base interests are simply making more profit for themselves.

I believe that apathy is the worst opponent we can face and that we must stand together to change the future for our children and their children. Our children are overwhelmed with sound, light, decision making, influences etc and are unable to discern truth from fiction. Their health is declining and our current society is using this to label them more and more which is just another way certain groups can make money from their misery. They are utterly confused by identity politics, have no time to be themselves, have their inherent creativity beaten out of them by an oppressive schooling system and are unable to express themselves without fear.

I believe there is one human race and the rest is a matter of melanin and how long ones specific ancestors have lived in a certain area. Every group of people has been both victor and victim in the past and holding onto this is preventing us from moving forward to harmonious living. Celebrating cultural heritage need not require defining nations or large scale groups. I believe there are two sexes defined by XX and XY chromosomes (though some individuals experience congenital differences in sexual organs making it difficult to identify sex through external genitalia) and that gender is a social construct attempting to define behaviours which belong to each sex. I believe we undervalue older people and when we do this we lose their wisdom, they may not be able to do as much but they can teach us plenty. I believe that disability is caused by society failing to enable every individual to fulfil their potential and that our obsession with labelling differences as disorders and medicalising natural variations is unhelpful at best and downright damaging at worst despite the apparent benefit in today’s society – let us change society to make the most of everyone’s gifts not label the people in it as less than ideal because they’re square pegs and we’ve only got round holes. Human, not further defined.

I believe that mental and physical health are inextricably intertwined. The evidence suggests that despite our sense of soul or self we exist only due to the chemical and electrical processes occuring in our bodies and that when they end, we end. As a population our physical health is declining as we become less physically active and less autonomous, mental health is a description of how we feel about that and that’s declining too, very rapidly in children. We are addicted to caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugar/salt/fat combinations, television, social media, novelty, buying ‘stuff’, proving our worth or place in society with ‘shiny stuff’, and are plied with these by institutions who make a profit from our consumption and our dependence on dopamine circuits in the brain. Our bodies are superb at maintaining homeostasis and recalibrating the zero level and so we always need more to acheive the same sense of joy whenever we look to external sources of contentment. I also believe we have the strength and ability to say no if we choose to do so and that freedom may cost hard work but it’s worth it for true peace in the mind. Living is free, it is having that costs.

Enough is enough. We’ve gone too far, the pace of our lives is affecting our contentment. The technology which was meant to free our time, has only led us to being worked harder by governments and ruling classes which gives us ever less in return for our effort while taking more and more for themselves and laughing in our faces about it. We must ask ourselves what we have lost in order to gain what we never really needed or often wanted. The path we are moving down is clearly not healthy for humanity nor nature nor the planet and hence the our future. We must stand together and say ‘No, thank you’. We have enough stuff and we’re going to share. We’re going to tidy up the mess we’ve made and focus on what really matters not what we’re told to care about in the media. We all need to pick up litter, the earth belongs to us all. We must stop using hate and victimhood as an excuse to stand idly by.

I believe we can do better. And we must. For the sake of humanity. We may fear what we will lose but I believe that what we will gain will be incomparably more valuable.

  1. Able to see or feel things through senses. This includes, human animals, non-human animals, plants and the earth. It depends on the time base one is judging sentience by. ↩︎
  2. A moral framework that prioritizes individual freedom while minimizing harm to others. It entails granting individuals the right to make their own choices and decisions, but with the responsibility to ensure that their actions do not unduly infringe upon the rights or well-being of others. This approach aims to strike a balance between personal liberty and societal interests, advocating for autonomy within the bounds of non-aggression and mutual respect. ↩︎
  3. A method of defining community identity based around where people live rather than grouping people by ideas such as those we call protected characteristics. Within each GDC everyone works together to feed, clothe and house the entire group with individual contributions equally valued regardless of the specific role being undertaken. Each role is considered equally valuable. Needs which cannot be fulfilled by one GDC would be encompassed by groups of GDCs. ↩︎
  4. Lying to oneself ↩︎