Implementation Strategy

I’m going to stand for MP for St. Ives in the upcoming general election on the platform described here – Minimally Aggressive Autonomy and Geographically Defined Community.

If the population votes for me of course I would not take up the position of MP as that would be contradictory to this idea. Anyone who lives in Cornwall could vote for the same by spoiling their ballot paper and writing my name upon it instead. We could also ask young people what they think about the proposals. We could create our own online referendum.

We could use it as a springboard for the secession of Cornwall and The Isles of Scilly from the United Kingdom to set up the system described.

Even if we don’t win this time, it will start the process of getting people to stand up and make a noise and tell our current overlords that we’ve had enough!! We can do better than what they’re offering. We won’t be slaves to their greed. Let’s all at least withhold our taxes and stop paying rent to the Duchy. We must stop letting the elite live off the effort of the rest of us!

All of the resources of Cornwall would belong to its population and we would certainly have enough to feed, clothe and house our population. Every second home, public institution eg. National Trust sites etc. would have their income returned to the GDP in which they exist. This financial income would be used to finance services during the transition and beyond.

In tourism alone we have massive resources. If we develop wave powered electricity generation we have something to support ourselves and export to others. Resources already come from somewhere, we are just disconnected from them by the financial trail.

We could propose a four year period where we take control of all the resources and implement this scheme. If we cannot make it work to any substantial level or at least be on the path to it before the following election we can give it all back to the “owners” at the time of secession and continue as we were before.

Once we’ve proven it is possible in Cornwall we can look to the rest of the UK to see if they wish to join in and from there to the rest of the world. There’s so much being done that fits the minimally aggressive autonomy framework already we’re halfway there. Despite all the difficulties the people of Cornwall already care for each other and look after the land and their communities, let’s just take it a step further and include everyone who lives here and is willing to take part to achieve a better future.

A large enough proportion of the local, national and global populations are suffering under the current regimes in one way or another to make this a worthwhile effort. The only resistance people will have is in whichever areas they are currently receiving more than their fair share. That’s ok, that’s natural but surely we can get past our indiviual self-protection and see that what we will gain by giving up stuff is time and peace which are surely more important.

We must stop believing the propaganda. The old blame the young, the young blame the old, women blame men, deeper brown blame pale, the strong blame the weak, the rich blame the deprived….enough blame, enough hate. Let’s work together to heal humanity and the earth. Every single sentient being counts. We can work together to overcome the disconnection and loneliness and rebuild trust in those who live around us.

Onen Hag Oll