Who and Why?

Who am I?

I am a middle-aged, blue-haired woman.

I am an explorer, philosopher, activist and story teller.

I eat a whole-food plant based diet and I love all animals….yes, I am vegan.

I enjoy playing Bridge and practice daily yoga (with the oh so lovely Adriene) for physical and mental health.

I am a homeless wanderer, a pedlar of crochet. Where am I going? Land’s End to Skara Brae

I’ve been called many things, among them: Genius and Pain in the Arse. Highly able and disabled. My passion is often (deliberately? conveniently?) misunderstood as aggression.

I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD, Recurrent Severe Depression, Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder, Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder. I fit the criteria for Autistic Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. I have been alcoholic and an addict (but then so has everyone who just has to have their morning coffee).

And to top it off I’ve been bisexual since a time that meant being hated by both the straights and the gays!

My point in mentioning these is that it highlights how labels (and particularly those related to psychiatry) are usually used in the perjorative but that they are meaningless in giving us a picture of a person’s attitudes and behaviour on any given day. We’re medicalising personality traits and behaviours because those who have or display them are struggling to manage in today’s societal structure. I want to change the structure not the people – I’ve struggled for a long time and now more and more people and especially children are joining me in that suffering.

Call Me What You Like – I frankly don’t give a toss! I’m just me and right now I’m very happy with me. I’ve learnt to love myself with all my peculiarities and though I don’t fit our current situation, I think I have a solution that works for everyone who is suffering and I’m willing to shout loud about it. I’m rather fed up of so many people whinging about how hard life is but not being willing to change their own behaviour first in order to stand up and make a difference. Prove me wrong. Please.

I have qualifications in:

Electronic Engineering, Holistic Therapies, Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Audiology. I could have had medicine and a PGCE too but my heart wasn’t strong enough to withstand the suffering the NHS and the schooling system subject their patients and students to.

If you really want to know me, come and say hello, judge me first hand.

Why am I doing this?

I want to make the world a better place. The suffering of our earth, our animals and our children is breaking my heart. I cannot look away and claim I can do nothing. I have been given gifts of intellect and language. Our system is broken, action is my only choice. I shall stand up and fight for a free future for all.

Me and Chat GPT

I love to ask questions. I want to understand the world around me. It often drives people to distraction. Especially when they don’t have a satisfactory answer and my questioning is highlighting their ignorance. Especially when they are my “superiors” 😀

Whenever there is a question and answer within this site, I am the one asking the question and ChatGPT is the one giving the answer. This is to avoid the inference that these answers are just my opinion and I’m expecting you to agree with my personal opinion. This way you can be sure that the answer is based on access to enormous amounts of data and is unsullied by personal predjudice or history. The whole point of my manifesto is that it is fair for everyone, every single sentient being – human animal, non-human animal, plant and planet. If you don’t think the last two are sentient, have a look at sentience.

Wherever I can I’ll make a link to evidence ChatGPT has used to form its answer but I can’t do everything for you and it’s very important that you get involved – I can’t change the world alone but together we can. This means it’s your responsibility to follow the paths and source the information too. I’m fully open to adjustments where I/we can be proven incorrect.

Who is ChatGPT?

What is the purpose of?

Is a question I’ll be asking regarding a number of institutions and services present in our society – then we’ll have a look at whether they acheive their stated purpose and whether that is good for society as a whole.

What is the plan?

To Change the World

Could one person change the world?

One person can indeed have a significant impact on the world through their actions, ideas, and influence. History is filled with examples of individuals who have sparked movements, advanced technology, or brought about social change through their determination and vision. While it may be challenging for one person to change the entire world single-handedly, their contributions can inspire others and create ripple effects that lead to meaningful change on a larger scale.

If you’ve got this far I’m very grateful to you for putting in the time and effort and I hope you’re on board to get everyone together and start changing the world one person, community, county, and country at a time.