How Geographical Community Works

Imagine the globe covered in bubble bath 🙂

Now zoom in to a chunk of the Island of wherever you are……

Pick a tessellating shape to draw on your local map to include enough people and resources to feed, clothe and house all those within. This may be one self-sufficient autonomous human or many many as long as all those included are actively involved in some way.

The land enclosed is to be considered a resource for the community. There is no need for land or home ownership. All community members will have access to and responsibility for the homes they choose to occupy for the time that they and their family choose to remain after which the home returns to community availability. No taxes or mortgages are required.

All community members are valuable and can contribute in a way the rest of their community feels is fair. The unit of contribution is the human hour. Be that an hour baking cakes, laying brick or being a companion it all counts as one. Skills and knowledge are passed hand to hand and by word of mouth. Community jobs include everything the community deems to be necessary for a meaningful life. Growing food. Building, plumbing, electrics, carpentry etc. Care. Health. Communication. Transport. Entertainment. Each bubble as it were should be as small as possible or locally desirable to meet the needs of those within it. Bubbles having direct borders will get together to cover needs which cannot be met locally. Free trade and Free Movement. As an itinerant storyteller I have nowhere to be in the land of my birth. I am a refugee destined always to move and hide and disappear. Where is the common land upon which I would be welcomed as I brought stories from abroad. Who believes the stories the monarch and his government pals tell us about their god given right to rule? What purpose do they serve?

And Free Speech. Offence is about us not them. I try always speak truthfully and omit rather than dissemble. Often my passion is confused with aggression. Sticks and stones etc. But my intention is never to hurt and I will happily apologise for causing upset if not for my point. Without honesty in our interactions how can we hope to change things for everyone’s benefit. Because we are all part of the same human organism and hurting another part of that organism is like hurting myself, ourselves. Start from the assumption that we’re all working for the same basic needs and recognizing our behaviour is driven by acts of a long history we can surely do better than we are. We are all responsible. To ourselves not least. Let’s stop blaming them by stopping enabling them and empower ourselves!

What is consensual is legal and what is non-consensual is not acceptable. Transgressions are dealt with at the lowest level of bubble relevant to the issue. What is consensual is agreed first within the smallest bubble, then with all the neighbouring bubbles and so on. No incarceration for non-violent crimes of poverty. A defensive army only. Enough of a handful of players having the lives of billions on the board of their game of risk. They don’t care about us as individuals, as groups or as “nations”. Label, label, label, divide and conquer. Let us stop drinking in their hate. Treat each other on the understanding that behaviour defines intention. Language cannot be trusted as deceit through language is possible. We are humans, no further definition necessary. One equals one equals one. The internet provides us with a simple way for everyone to be involved. We must raise ourselves to involvement. Apathy is hurting us all. We are all accountable. We must eradicate the noise and focus on the information. We all have a speciality. Only together can we match their power and knowledge base. We can create our own connections where our data and our privacy are not undermined. Let us protect each other by knowing each other. I don’t want a child in the Congo digging Cobalt out of the ground and covered in toxic dust overseen by militia so that I can buy the latest mobile phone or feel good about myself buying an electric vehicle. It’s happening right now.

Health and care are community led. A 74 year old looking after a 94 year old is clearly making their contribution and should be fed, clothed and housed in return. The industry of medicine must take a pause and clear away the nonsense. The money’s not in the cure. Thus, the cure must be free. Let us critically analyse the results of our endeavours so far and intentionally evolve by paring away the noise and accepting and acting upon only that which can be shown to be true. Why are we so sick? Why is the rate of cancer increasing? Who is benefitting?

Mental health and physical health are inextricably linked. We must change our environment first before we label and blame humans who can no longer tolerate our society and thus behave “inappropriately”. From toddlers who can’t sit still to teenagers who stab each other, the violent, the suffering, and the ashamed. Let us take back our power, the power that is daily stolen from billions and funnelled via our time to our taxes to our insecurity to their businesses and their bank accounts. And all because we believe we need to consume and consume and consume. No thank you, that’s not for me. All I need is freedom, security of food and shelter and the kindness of my fellow human beings. The exact opposite of everything the thieves are pretending they are bringing us. What do you need?

Education not schooling. Education should prepare children to be adults. It does no such thing. It prepares them for a life of slavery unless they are lucky enough to be the tiny few whose financial freedom connects them to a different syllabus. Let them learn about their senses first. The smell of a tomato from a glass house, the feel of cold stream water as they swim. Then how to navigate the physical and the mental worlds. Let them explore their bodies and their minds. Discover their own passions. There is no need for exams. Not when the whole community has an investment in and responsibility for each child’s reaching its potential.

Our children need to know where their food comes from and how to grow it and they need to expend their energy doing it. In school. At home. Evolution is the process of change in an organism in response to external environmental pressures. We must change our environment to change our future. Otherwise our children will become livestock. As we ourselves are becoming and choosing to become for failure to consider the implications of our choices.

Handmade goods are now a luxury item. Yet they exemplar skills everyone used to learn. Now they have been stolen from us and we are left with plastic goods made by suffering humans in other countries from whom we steal time due to our part in the hierarchy. Much higher up than we in Britain acknowledge. We must stop kicking the next weakest player and play a new game. Rules not rulers. Peaceful anarchy.

Communication is via the internet and the internet is for information. Children don’t need to be seeing beheadings. Social anything is done face to face in our geographical communities where we just made a whole bunch of new friends and discovered the people we’ve not spoken to for years despite living next door are really rather nice despite all the labels we attached to them just from looking and the snippets of gossip we heard. Trade may be carried out on as small a level as one crochet headband for 3 bananas from any points on the globe. Transport is a community role and resources are made available at the smallest local level possible.

Music and art and creativity of every kind is as if not more valuable than academia. What brings human happiness? What do we really need in our lives?

Please get in touch and tell me what this sparks off for you. It’s only by working together that we can change things. I need you to stand with me to save ourselves. This is not an easy choice by any means. But life isn’t easy. I’m aware this is still an act of treason. I think they might be able to cut off my head. What are you prepared to risk? For yourself, your loved ones, for human kind and every sentient being?