Promises and Commitments

I promise that I will be available to help change the story we tell ourselves but the change will only work if everyone works together.

I commit to standing for MP for St. Ives and the Isles of Scilly in the upcoming general election if 10 people commit to voting for me to allow me to register as a candidate.

I commit to offering this new path and working together with the experts in the fields that need change in order to progress and implement that change. This may be my collection of ideas but there are individuals and groups who know how to implement the suggestions far better than I do.

I commit to taking on community roles in the same way that everyone else does.

I can’t change the world by myself but this idea can change the world if we want it to. Only if we don’t use the excuse that “no-one else will do it”. That attitude is the only significant negative feedback I’ve heard so far and as I point out to every person who says it (which is pretty much everyone), when you say that you’re talking about yourself, you have no place to say what anyone else will do. I commit to challenging that attitude.

I commit to completing my journey from Land’s End to Skara Brae in order to promote these ideas and spread the message that we can be free to the rest of the UK, but only if we choose to be so together. Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far.

I commit to sticking my head above the parapet and risking getting it shot off (or poloniumed up the swanny!) in order to highlight the injustice and inequality being forced upon us by the ruling elite. I promise I will never commit suicide (it may sound paranoid but many have been murdered for far less than these proposals, I’m hoping once the word is out my untimely death would be pointless).