Your Turn

If you’ve read through my ideas and you have questions or suggestions, please do get involved and leave your comments below or send me your artwork or links to organizations already working by these principles. Let’s make the future an art project we can all take part in.

Facebook Group: Call It What You Like

Instagram: cmwyl

Or don’t. Your choice.

How about fill in the blanks by chatting with chat gpt and your friends about this stuff. If you follow the principles set out you’ll be able to work through these kind of questions to see if my beliefs are compatible with what you wish to expend your energy on. Without you change won’t happen.

I’m going to write some poetry.

Soon I’ll be in Cornwall talking to as many people as I can to see if they like these ideas and are willing to vote for me as a proxy for independence under these guidelines in the upcoming elections. As I chat to people I’ll add more stories here so we can draw the picture together.

If I thought I had all the answers on how you should live I’d be just like those I wish to make redundant.

If you know of or are part of a community group which fits the minimally aggressive autonomy criteria please do mention them here so we can make contact and start to build up a network of groups who can work together to implement this progressive societal structure.

Please tell everyone.

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